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The state of Web3 by w3.fund

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our investment thesis & vehicles

Digital ownership and decentralization will flip the current paradigm of the internet from accumulating value in tech monopolies to distributing value to users.

Users now have ownership in the form of digital property rights: NFTs & tokens.

Those will be the basis for a new token-based economy.

We will invest both in the companies as well as the digital assets.

fund 1: ventures

deal focus

Equity and tokens in Web3 startups and DAOs.


fund 2: digital assets

sector focus

Digital Assets (NFTs) in mint/
early secondary.


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german web3 ecosystem map

We are building a comprehensive, always up-to-date database of all registered Web3 projects.
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web2 builders x web3 natives

Web2 builders with 15+ years of Crypto experience teamed up with Web3 natives.

One thing that unites is that we are builders, not bankers.

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we're building a unique web3 ecosystem – are you in?

Our mission is to empower everyone to participate in Web3.
As we have some open positions and are hiring, you can directly do it with us.

Check out our job-board and find out if you are a good fit! 

Feel free to approach us directly in case there is no matching offer.

our open positions

w3.hub – a place made for web3 builders

We are rolling out an exclusive membership program for the brightest minds in Web3.
  • Co-Working opportunities for companies & individuals [flex desks or fixed office spaces]
  • w3.pizza Events & event space to boost value exchange
  • Content studio for video/audio production
  • Regular meet-ups / workshops / exhibitions
  • Connections to investors, institutions, brands & Web3 talents

w3.vision conference inside the DMEXCO

The very first w3.vision is in the books! In 2022 we have teamed up for the first time with one of the biggest marketing conferences in Europe, DMEXCO.

The w3.vision creates a place to connect the European Web3 scene and give Web3 companies access to 40,000 visitors, brands and marketers.

w3.pizza meetups

With w3.pizza we gather the Web3 community around the world.
We bring together like-minded people with the same passion for the topic Web3.

If you're interested in joining our next w3.pizza event, leave your details to get informed about it first.
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w3.pizza x Boomer Agency, Berlin

w3.pizza x ultimate money, Lisbon

w3.pizza x Pile, Berlin

w3.pizza @NFT.NYC 2022

w3.pizza Berlin kick-off

w3.pizza event @Consensus 2022

w3.pizza event @NFTBerlin 2022

w3.pizza Berlin kick-off

w3.pizza event @NFTBerlin 2022

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Our podcast is designed so that you will never miss the most important happenings of the Web3 space.

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gems of the week.

calendar week 26.
📲  Why Solana Is Going Big on Mobile—And Making a Smartphone

Solana Labs has unveiled Saga, a flagship Android smartphone focused on Web3, releasing in 2023. Solana Labs co-founder & CEO Anatoly Yakovenko shares his insights, highlighting the phone’s privacy features and Solana’s competitive advantages over other protocols. “This is the right thing to do at the right time,” Yakovenko said.
🧸  Digital Toy Platform Cryptoys Raises $23M From a16z, Dapper Labs, Mattel

Cryptoys, an NFT-based startup, announced it had raised $23 million in a Series A funding round led by a16z. The company, which seeks to mix NFTs with the world of gaming and virtual toys, will create what it calls a “cryptoyverse,” which will also implement play-to-earn features and issue its tokens.
🪪  South Korean Exchange Korbit Issues Employee IDs As NFTs

Korbit is one of South Korea’s only five licensed crypto exchanges. Essentially, Korbit issued employee IDs as NFTs to uplift its sense of community. The NFTs feature traits such as company, favorite color, honor, nickname, position, and year of entry.
⤵️  Three Arrows Capital Falls Into Liquidation After Crypto Crash

The liquidation order comes after a high-profile notice of default: On Monday, crypto broker Voyager Digital announced that Three Arrows Capital had not made the required payments on a loan worth more than $665 million, paid partly in bitcoin.
🎪  Binance Partners With Khaby Lame, TikTok’s Most-Followed Creator with 140 Million Followers To Increase Web3 Awareness

Khaby became a sensation for his spin on "life hack" videos, navigating overly complicated scenarios without saying a word while doing the famous "Khaby move." In this multi-year partnership, he'll use his signature style to tackle some of the misperceptions around Web3. Lame will also partner on exclusive NFT collections with Binance, further enhancing the experience for his fans.
🙊  Bored Ape Founders Respond to 'Crazy Disinformation Campaign' From 'Demented Troll'

Yuga Labs, the NFT company behind BAYC and MAYC, has filed a suit against American conceptual artist and creator of NFT collection RR/BAYC, Ryder Ripps, and his partner Jeremy Cahen. Yuga Labs claims the creative director is “scamming consumers by misusing Yuga Labs’ trademarks.”
💄  How L’Oréal is Gearing Up For the Metaverse

L’Oréal and Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LMVH) have both taken tentative steps into the metaverse. Senior leaders explain how they’re approaching this new space – from deciding which brands in their portfolios are best suited to the emerging environment to how they find the budget to fund their experiments.
🔪  $100 Million Harmony Hack Linked to North Korea

Suspected North Korean hackers known as the Lazarus Group are believed to be behind the recent $100 million heist on California blockchain Harmony, a firm that tracks stolen cryptocurrency.